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Our Instructors

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$70/hr. Primary Instruction
$75/hr. Adv. Instruction

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Instructor Pilot

We are always looking for high quality flight instructors. To apply for a position as a flight instructor with Pinnacle Aviation, please submit your resume and cover letter to info@pinnacleacademy.com

Kam   Shalhoup
$80/hr. Chief Instructor
$700 FAA Check Ride

Kam Shalhoup
Chief Instructor
Certifications CFI, CFII, MEI, ATP

 Kamal "Kam" Shalhoop grew up in Vista, learned to fly at Oceanside airport. Prior to going into The U.S Army, Received my advanced rating. My first flying job, glider tow pilot at Elsinore, while attending graduate school. Started flight instructing at Brackett airport. Also flew charted, contact pilot with meteorology research INC, Air Attack/ Recon for U.S. Forest service. Chief Flight Instructor, Cable Air, INC. and Grey Eagle Flight Academy. My goal at Pinnacle is to provide the best leadership and training for both Instructors and students.
and he is checked out in Cessna 152,172R/s/G1000 and Piper Seminole

Ryan   Elhert
$75/hr. Asst. Chief Instructor
$700 FAA Check Ride

Ryan Elhert
Assistant Chief Instructor
Certifications CFI, CFII, MEI

 Hi! My name is Ryan Ehlert. Aviation has been a passion of mine. Throughout the course of my aviation career, I have earned my CFI, CFII and MEI. I have also gained experience flying for scheduled operation Part 135 out of Denver International flying Pilatus PC-12's. I enjoy teaching to those who share my passion. My love for aviation continues to grow everyday and i look forward to sharing my enthusiasm and professionalism to those who are interested in flying.



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