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SkyWest Pilot Cadet Program

Pinnacle Aviation Academy is pleased to announce that they will partner with SkyWest Airlines on a new Pilot Cadet Program. The program gives students earning a professional pilot degree additional opportunity toward becoming a SkyWest Airlines first officer. Upon completion of this new program, Pinnacle Aviation Academy students/employees will be better prepared to enter the commercial airline industry and will have a unique advantage to gain a career at SkyWest Airlines.

Pinnacle Aviation Academy candidates who fit the SkyWest program requirements will also receive benefits such as a retained Date of Hire (DOH) and mentoring by SkyWest pilots, and they may have opportunities to participate in special projects, assist at job fairs or recruitment events. Students in the Pilot Cadet Program must complete advanced jet training courses and attain the FAA ratings of Commercial Pilot/Instrument and Multi-Engine, and Certified Flight Instructor/Instrument. This agreement between SkyWest and Pinnacle Aviation Academy is an exceptional opportunity for goal-oriented individuals to secure a as a professional pilot at the industry-leading SkyWest Airlines. For more information or to enroll in a Professional Pilot Course contact our Operations Manager.

About SkyWest Airlines:
Headquartered in St. George, Utah, SkyWest Airlines partners with the world’s largest network carriers, including United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, US Airways, American Airlines and Alaska Airlines. With a fleet of 336 aircraft and more than 10,500 aviation professionals, SkyWest operates more than 1,700 flights each day to 181 destinations throughout North America and carried more than 27 million passengers in 2013. For more information, visit SkyWest.com and follow @SkyWestAirlines on Twitter.

Minimum Entry Requirements:

  • Letter of Recommendation from the Program Advisory Committee (PAC).
  • FAA Multi-engine Land Commercial Pilot Certificate and an Instrument rating Certified Flight Instructor Certificate.
  • Current FAA First Class Medical
  • Have earned (or, currently enrolled to earn) a degree with a GPA of 3.0 or higher (on a 4.0 scale).
  • FCC License
  • No more than three failed check rides where a notice of disapproval was issued by an FAA designated examiner.
  • No criminal offenses that would preclude Canadian clearance.
  • No more than two moving violations on your driving record in the past three years.
  • No enforcement action on your FAA record.
Attitude, professionalism, and leadership are skills that are at the core of SkyWest Airlines. So, if you feel you meet these traits, and have a desire to be a part of the SkyWest Pilot Cadet Program, please contact Pinnacle’s Operations Manager at: info@pinnacleacademy.com.


  • Pilot certificates must have been earned as a result of training received at Pinnacle Aviation Academy
  • Hold at least an FAA-issued Airplane Multi-engine Commercial Pilot Certificate and an Instrument rating.
  • Hold a Certified Flight Instructor Certificate.
  • Have no criminal offenses that would preclude Canadian clearance.
  • Have had no more than two moving violations on their driving record within the past three years.
  • Have earned, or maintain, a 3.0 GPA or higher.
  • Hold a current FAA-issued first class medical certificate.
  • Hold an FCC radiotelephone operator's permit.
  • Have no more than three failed check rides.
  • Have self-disclosed all incidents and accidents that required a report to be filed by the FAA. Have no "at fault" aircraft accidents.
  • Have no record of enforcement action on FAA record.

Benefits Flight instructors accepted into the SkyWest Pilot Cadet Program receive the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed interview for a first officer position with SkyWest Airlines when minimum qualifications are met.
  • Retained SkyWest date-of-hire while in the program.
  • Mentorship and interaction with SkyWest pilots and recruiting teams.
  • Potential opportunities to assist with special SkyWest projects such as job fairs and recruitment events. Conditional Employment Candidates remain in the Cadet Program and qualify for a guaranteed pilot interview by:
  • Satisfactorily completing all progress interviews.
  • Attaining 100+ hours of multi-engine time.
  • Completing a Jet Transition Course. Final Interview Process Applicants must meet the required standards for employment and pass all phases of the recruitment process, including:
  • Behavioral-based interview
  • CRM evaluation
  • Technical interview
  • Simulator evaluation
  • Debrief interview

Note: Specific areas of focus will be CRM, leadership, attitude, professionalism, organizational fit, use of automation and phraseology.

Upon completion of the final interview, successful candidates will have an opportunity for employment at SkyWest Airlines.


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